Temperature Monitoring

Have a reliable refrigerator telematics solution that will provide you with
trustworthy monitoring, data analysis and alert system that will help you eliminate
the risk of human error or system failure.

Track Cargo Data and Monitor Errors

Get precise real-time data about the state of refrigerator devices and monitor directly from the office. Spotting failures and acting quickly will save your business from financial losses caused by damaged cargo.

All Data in a Simple Graph

Have easy-to-understand temperature data graphs and adjust the displayed information using filters and zoom-in feature to view specific data points. Combine temperature monitoring with the GPS tracking solution to see when and where the temperature changes happened.

Plan and Manage Maintenance With Ease

Receive timely notifications with information about refrigeration units, errors, shutdowns, necessary maintenance tasks, etc. That way you’ll be able to plan maintenance operations and manage your units more effectively.

Monitor Battery Status

Use our tracking devices to access data about the refrigeration unit battery status and voltage. It’ll allow you to avoid situations when batteries drain out due to longer inactivity and save the money on replacing them.

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